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Board Members

Janelle Dixon, Chair, Animal Humane Society

Lisa LaFontaine, Vice Chair, Washington Humane Society

Anne Reed, Secretary, Wisconsin Humane Society

Jodi Lytle Buckman, Treasurer, ASPCA

Sharon Harmon, Past Chair, Oregon Humane Society

Madeline Bernstein, SPCA-Los Angeles

Sharon Harvey, Cleveland Animal Protective League

Mary Jarvis, Washington Animal Rescue League

Betsy McFarland, Humane Society of the United States

Shelly Moore, Humane Society of Charlotte

Gary Tiscornia, SPCA for Monterey County

Dr. Gary Weitzman, San Diego Humane Society & SPCA

Leslie Yoder, CO Federation of Animal Welfare Agencies


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2020 Vision
"A Home for Every Healthy Pet"(c)


Purpose; To eliminate pet overpopulation and reach equilibrium - a good home for every healthy, treatable companion animal.

The Goal; To unite the animal welfare industry and engage communities in homing every healthy and treatable animal entering an animal care facility on a nationwide basis by the year 2020.

The Federation's role.

Inherently, we believe that everyone engaged in animal welfare is there to end cruelty, suffering and neglect -- to improve the lives of animals.

The National Federation of Humane Societies, the largest coalition of animal welfare organizations in the U. S., has endorsed the 2020 Vision and intends to lead the initiative to focus and unite all stakeholders around our vision of homing every healthy and treatable pet and ending pet overpopulation by the year 2020. 2020 VISION - A Home for Every Healthy Pet

Why has the Federation chosen to be the Champion of the 2020 VISION?

- Altruistic Goal is 100%consistent with our Mission and Values
- Companion Animal focused
- Consistent with strategic plan
- Goal is achievable
- We are the largest coalition of agencies in the industry
- We have multiple members who have pioneered this VISION
- Take ownership of shelter industry messaging - Define and tell our own story
- Unifying impact on our industry
- Ideal rallying point to promote Federation participation
- Federation can be positioned as the Champion if we launch and promote it
- Federation seeks collaborative results over fear of failure
- Dedication of Federation Members - We are committed to discovery and continuous improvement in developing and implementing our services. We will strive for member satisfaction and enthusiasm by dedicating ourselves to anticipating the changing needs of members and our movement and to provide timely, innovative responses as a force for change in the industry.To support our mission, we are willing to take prudent risks.We strive to be proactive, innovative creative and inclusive. -NFHS Mission Values & Code of Ethics Statement- 2006

Keys to Success.

- Must be inclusive - multiple roads that lead to our Vision.Everyone is encouraged to find their path to achieving the Vision
- Vision must be simple and clear.‘A home for every healthy, treatable pet'
- Focused timeline.Achieving the Vision by 2020
- Open minded, honest assessments - A willingness to change policies and practices that have failed to achieve high live release rates for animals
- Readily grasped goalthat is easily understood by the general public
- Widely accepted, consistent measurement and reporting
- Clear definitions of what we mean when we say a home for every healthy treatable pet - a continuation of the Assilomar Accords work
- Transparent.The public has to see progress towards achieving the Vision
- Culture of positive support - sharing successes & setbacks. Turning obstacles into challenges to be solved.
- Fostering honest, open communication between stakeholders regarding tactics and objectives - Respect for diversity of opinion

Questions to Answer.

- Is the 2020 VISION consistent with the Federation's Mission and Values?We believe it is.
- Is it Relevant? Saving animal's lives, definitely yes!
- Is it Actionable? There are 30 or more elements to achieving the VISION for any one individual organization or coalition to embrace and move forward on
- Is the 2020 VISION Ownable / Controllable? Probably Not.We encourage inclusiveness and diversity in solutions. We believe there will be multiple, simultaneous efforts to achieve the Vision
- Is it Practical/Achievable? We have 12 years, we believe it is.

What is the down side?

  • The goal is not met.Regardless of outcome, millions of animal's lives are saved.
  • The Federation will meet resistance because the goal is to lofty, not fast enough or doesn't do it the right way or our way.
  • There are always naysayers whose role is to tear down and reject ideas and mock effort.These have to be ignored if progress is to be made and the Vision achieved.

Why the 2020 Vision is Important.

  • A neutral voice is needed to build consensus, energize & drive success.
  • We need a hard target goal to create focus and urgency.
  • There should be a single, unifying theme to educate and influence communities and the public, generate financial support and influence policy.
  • It builds community unity by encouraging coalition building and cooperation. The 2020 Vision can be used to develop specific community road maps to achieve local success.
  • Using real-world member experiences and failures, we will develop comprehensive, results proven plans of action that are based in reality and are industry endorsed.
  • It will build identity and brand positioning for the Federation, ultimately driving membership

Next Steps:

  • The Board of Directors unanimously endorsed 2020 Vision initiative - February 11, 2009.
  • Board working committees, led by the strategic planning committee were directed to proceed to define and draft plan tasks - this work is ongoing.

"There is a strong voice for animals when we all speak as one"(c)

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