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Board Members

Janelle Dixon, Chair, Animal Humane Society

Lisa LaFontaine, Vice Chair, Washington Humane Society

Anne Reed, Secretary, Wisconsin Humane Society

Jodi Lytle Buckman, Treasurer, ASPCA

Sharon Harmon, Past Chair, Oregon Humane Society

Madeline Bernstein, SPCA-Los Angeles

Sharon Harvey, Cleveland Animal Protective League

Mary Jarvis, Washington Animal Rescue League

Betsy McFarland, Humane Society of the United States

Shelly Moore, Humane Society of Charlotte

Gary Tiscornia, SPCA for Monterey County

Dr. Gary Weitzman, San Diego Humane Society & SPCA

Leslie Yoder, CO Federation of Animal Welfare Agencies


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Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the National Federation of Humane Societies (NFHS), the only national trade advocacy organization governed by and dedicated to animal welfare and animal control agencies. Representing the collective interest of animal welfare agencies across the country, the NFHS offers the opportunity for you to impact the issues that affect your agency while influencing the direction of the animal welfare field. Our mission is To unite the animal welfare community and be a powerful advocate to improve the lives of animals.

What are the benefits of membership in the Federation?

  • Be part of a true federation, run for and by its members. Every member has a voice and a vote.
  • Enhanced ability to drive local, state, and national public policy initiatives.
  • Stronger relationships and increased influence with the corporate community, including coalitions with other trade associations.
  • Greater communication throughout the industry among state, regional, and national member organizations.
  • Improved operational effectiveness through the sharing of best practices.
  • Opportunity for national leadership.
  • Access to assitance in implementing new programs to increase efficiency and end pet overpopulation

What our members have to say.....

Belonging to the National Federation allows my small organization to be part of a bigger movement, to see what is happening on the national level and to stay active in the movement.

Coalition building and communications between peer agencies is critical. Direct communications with others is a faster way to improve our own operations.

Membership in the Federation affords a certain credibility and identity for local organizations and provides a national voice on shelter issues for our small agency.

We choose not to allocate resources to national legislation or issues so the Federation allows us to have a voice and make progress for animals on a national level at a very cost effective rate.

The Federation can have an impact on local issues and be the national voice of the sheltering community to the public. Animal Welfare has a hard time translating our passions into messages the public understands, the Federation can be our national voice for the animal care and control community.

It has introduced me to new people I would never have met otherwise and provides interaction with people around the country and promotes sharing thoughts and concerns.

For me, the real value is influence through collective action. We can truly move the needle on significant issues for animals by working together and speaking from a unified platform.

I really believe in the mission and the power of speaking with one voice for the sheltering community. The real benefit for us is being a part of change on a national level. Working on positive change nationally benefits us locally. The 2020 Vision is a perfect example of that.

The diversity of members we already have is amazing and we've just begun. We have large organizations and small rescue groups, limited admission shelters and large animal control operations. This diversity and ability to speak from your own perspective has tremendous potential for coalition building in our industry.

Being part of the National Federation distinguishes our shelter from the rest of the pack. It also helps us bring new thinking and ideas into the community.

Collaboration within the field. The industry is rife with politics and the Federation offers a spirit of collaboration and working together to achieve gains for companion animals that we think is much needed.

The networking and camaraderie that comes from working on committees and the board with my peers. We can always learn new ideas and benefit from a new perspective.

Most definitely our greatest benefit is a unified voice representing our interests as members of the sheltering and animal control community. Focusing advocacy on issues directly related to companion animals and our industry directly benefits us all.


Membership is inclusive to any bona fide, incorporated 501(c)(3) non-profit animal welfare organization or any animal control agency that is part of a municipal government.

As a member organization, your agency will appoint and certify a representative to act on its behalf in all NFHS business. A representative is a senior level employee involved in the day-to-day operations of your organization, fully empowered to represent, vote, and act for your agency in all Federation matters, proceedings, and activities. An organization may change its representative at any time by written notice to the Federation.

Membership Application and required documents.

Please click on the link below to print and complete the Membership Application, attach a copy of page 1 from your most recently filed IRS form 990 and a copy of your IRS Determination Letter, and include a check for your membership fee according to the schedule below.

Membership will become effective upon receipt of the above required doucments and written notice of approval by the NFHS Board of Directors. The Federation relies on industry leaders to govern its endeavors. If you have interest in participating on the various membercommittees please note this on the application.

Return your application to or contact with questions:

National Federation of Humane Societies
808 Cottage Street SW
Vienna, VA 22180-6355
Attn: Steve Putnam
(703) 242-3675


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"There is a strong voice for animals when we all speak as one"(c)

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