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Board Members

Janelle Dixon, Chair, Animal Humane Society

Lisa LaFontaine, Vice Chair, Washington Humane Society

Anne Reed, Secretary, Wisconsin Humane Society

Jodi Lytle Buckman, Treasurer, ASPCA

Sharon Harmon, Past Chair, Oregon Humane Society

Madeline Bernstein, SPCA-Los Angeles

Sharon Harvey, Cleveland Animal Protective League

Mary Jarvis, Washington Animal Rescue League

Betsy McFarland, Humane Society of the United States

Shelly Moore, Humane Society of Charlotte

Gary Tiscornia, SPCA for Monterey County

Dr. Gary Weitzman, San Diego Humane Society & SPCA

Leslie Yoder, CO Federation of Animal Welfare Agencies


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NFHS - Mentoring Program Application

Organization Name: ____________________________

Primary point of contact: _____________ Position: ______________

Phone number: _________ Alternate Phone: _______________

Email address: ____________ Website: _________ ______

Other staff who may participate:





A benefit of membership with the National Federation of Humane Societies is participation in the mentoring program. Is your organization a member of the National Federation now? ____Yes ______No

If not, are you willing to join if you are provided a special Mentoring Membership Rate?____Yes ____No

Mentee Criteria:

  • Applicant must have decision making ability for the organization or Board approval
  • Desire and commitment to be actively involved in the process
  • Coordinate participation of other members within mentee organization
  • Jointly develop a mentoring plan & reporting/feedback mechanism to share progress with the committee on how the mentee/mentor relationship is impacting the mentee organization
  1. Has your organization's leadership team/board endorsed the mentee relationship?

  1. How do you see the mentee/mentor relationship impacting your organization?

  1. What will be your top four areas of focus during the mentoring relationship?

______ Marketing & Development ______ Accounting and Financial Management

______ Pet Retention Programs ______ Low-cost high volume spay/neuter

______ Admissions philosophy ______ Volunteer training/engagement

______ Operational Best Practices ______ Management & board development

______ Foster Programs ______ Using data to measure progress

Building community relationships Live release rates

Other aspects requiring help (specify)____________________________________________

I understand that my mentor organization and their designees are volunteering time to help us advance and grow our organization. I fully understand that it is my organization's sole responsibility to decide whether to execute any advice or suggestions I may receive from my mentor and/or other NFHS program participants, mentors or mentees. I further understand that neither the NFHS nor my mentor is responsible for the success or failure of any items or ideas which we discuss. I further understand that, if I am selected for participation as a mentee, NFHS reserves all rights to terminate my participation in the Mentoring Program at any time with written notice. Similarly, I understand that I can terminate my participation in the Mentoring Program at any time with written notice.


Signature Title Date

Mail completed application to:

The National Federation of Humane Societies

808 Cottage Street SW

Vienna, VA22180-6355

"There is a strong voice for animals when we all speak as one"(c)

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